2 July 2024

Recapping our Supported Playgroup Network Kick-off Session and What’s Next?

Recapping our Supported Playgroup Network Kick-off Session and What’s Next?

Thanks to everyone who joined our first Supported Playgroup network session and the spark you brought to our lively first gathering.

We started by figuring out what participants want from these sessions and how we can work together in the space.

Here’s a summary of the major themes participants brought to the table.  

The network wants:

  1. Success Stories and Practical Tips: Engaging in real-life success stories, case studies, activities, resource sharing, and practical tips.
  2. Dynamic and Interactive Meetings:   Encouraging hands-on and interactive participation during meetings. Meetings should be energising.
  3. Supportive Brainstorming: Providing a supportive space for mutual assistance in overcoming challenges, like promoting new playgroups, reflecting on practices, and maximizing funding.
  4. A Network Mailing List: A platform for sharing important info that makes sure we make the most of the sessions we have

We also explored the idea of inviting guest speakers to our meetings.

Here are some initial topics suggested:

  • Understanding different playgroup models, especially those identified by DCJ evidence portal
  • Supporting neurodivergent families (children and/or parents)
  • Designing inclusive playgroups for families with disabilities
  • Helping families manage screen time for children
  • The play environment as the third teacher
  • Innovations for low-cost activities for mobile playgroups

Our upcoming playgroup network meeting will be scheduled very soon, so stay tuned! If you haven’t already joined the network, you can sign up now