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Our Impact


“Fams was a lifeline for services during COVID providing great resources. Fams provided excellent support in the TEI transition and in skilling up around Program Logic and measuring outcomes. Fams is excellent in staying on top of current issues and communicating with the sector.”

“I’ve found Fams’ online programs immensely helpful both in their information content and the real support they offered during periods of lockdown. The strong network provided and accessibility of Fams staff during this time were a godsend and kept me on the right side of sanity.”

“All throughout the COVID 19 Lockdowns, Fams was one of the beacon lights that assisted the community non-profit sector to feel connected and confident and that we are not isolated”.

“Some of the best training I have received has been from Fams.”

“Appreciate Fams’ support and voice especially during the last 12 months. The leadership around the funding of Family Preservation Services and engagement of key stakeholders has been greatly appreciated and made a difference. Also support of service providers in transitioning to DEX and ongoing learning and support has been incredibly valuable.”