Building Capacity & Capability Building Capacity & Capability

Building Capacity & Capability

In the 2022-23 financial year, we continued to support organisations through our DEX in a Row support sessions and conversation series. We supported 382 individual workers across the year to decode the DEX portal, measure client and community outcomes, provide contract literacy, create SCORE resources and utilise DEX Reports.

To further build a genuine relationship with our First Nations colleagues, Fams has worked alongside Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCO’s) to support them with the DEX project.

Post session feedback found that 86% of participants agreed that Fams listened and understood their issues, 88% would recommend the support to their colleagues and 68% had increased confidence in understanding data collection, measuring and reporting your TEI contract outcomes.

Fams also held a fortnightly online TEI/DEX Conversation Series, attended by 378 participants.

The topics focused on DEX, SCORE, the DCJ Dashboard, as well as bringing Family Capacity and Safety and Wellbeing streams together to explore the practice of DEX.

We received some great feedback from the sector which reflects the appreciation and relief that delivering DEX support has provided:

“I gained so much insight with my sessions today that will help me to move forward with my DEX reporting. Very grateful.”

“Fams have been great to deal with. They have excellent knowledge of the DEX portal and are able to meet orgs where they are at.”