27 June 2024

Fams meets Deaf Connect at ‘Deaf Life, Let’s Talk About It’

Fams meets Deaf Connect at ‘Deaf Life, Let’s Talk About It’

Last week, our friends at Deaf Connect held a family friendly networking event to learn more about the Deaf experience, culture and community. Fams CEO, Susan Watson, was invited to attend.

“It was wonderful to connect with organisations providing TEI services in the local area and find out more about their experience of child and family services,” says Susan  

“It’s important for Deaf children and families to have the same access and rights to the same conversations as any other children.”  

The event provided a safe space for questions, breaking barriers and advocating for the needs of the community.  

Deaf Connect is a whole-of-life service and social impact organisation for Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing Australians.

Deaf Connect offer a Family Mentor Program for Deaf and hard of hearing kids. The Family Mentor Program connects a Deaf mentor with families to provide access to language and provide support through crucial early stages.  

You can find out more about the services, resources and training offered by Deaf Connect here