3 April 2024

The CAT Practice group is off and racing!

The CAT Practice group is off and racing!

Remember our recent sector conversation on the Family Connect and Supports CAT and how it can help TEI services? Well, it’s time to dive deeper into it!

Our kick-off meeting was a hit. We identified three projects to focus on. First, is exploring how the CAT can streamline workflows and alleviate the workload. With efficiency in mind, the group aims to uncover innovative ways to integrate the tool seamlessly into existing processes.

Next, the focus shifts to what constitutes best practices in implementing the CAT. As part of this project, there are plans to develop training resources to ensure that the sector, including emerging practitioners, are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for successful implementation.

Finally, the group is keen to explore sector conversations aimed at enhancing skills related to various aspects of the CAT.

It’s not too late to get involved! If you’re passionate about driving positive change and eager to contribute to the advancement of TEI services through the CAT, we would love you to join us. Simply click here to be added to the invite list.