7 February 2024

Youth Action ‘Fair Go for Young People’ Campaign Launch

Youth Action ‘Fair Go for Young People’ Campaign Launch

Last Friday, the Fams teams attended ‘Saplings’, a stage production hosted by the Australian Theatre for Young People, in collaboration with Youth Action. The powerful vignettes were based off consultations that Youth Action facilitated with young people on their experiences with the criminal justice system.

Following this, Youth Action launched their campaign ‘Fair Go For Young People’. The campaign sets out a list of recommendations to ensuring Young People who are in conflict with the law receive help earlier, and proper supports to keep them out of trouble. You can read the key recommendations here.

Take 3 simple steps to support a fair go for young people.

  1. Take a photo with thumbs up to show your support for a fair go for young people
  2. Add your voice to the fair go poll
  3. Share the recommendations with your networks

Take action here: https://youthaction.org.au/fair-go-for-young-people/