19 July 2023

Mapping Economic Disadvantage in West Sydney

Mapping Economic Disadvantage in West Sydney

This week Lisa and Lauren attended the NCOSS sessions in Western and South West Sydney, where NCOSS CEO Joanna Quilty presented valuable information from their excellent Mapping Economic Disadvantage in NSW report.

These sessions shed light on the localised extent and nature of poverty, including what specific groups within the community are most affected. Nearly 1 million people in NSW are living in poverty, and children are the highest rate of poverty in NSW. With these essential insights, service providers will be able develop responsive local community plans and to be able to advocate to address the unique needs related to poverty and disadvantage in their respective areas.

The Mapping Disadvantage dashboard is accessible via the NCOSS website is a powerful tool for all service providers to access to help understand who in your community is experiencing poverty, breaking down your community by age, sex, employment, family arrangements and housing tenure. We strongly encourage you all to explore this resource as an essential tool for planning and in preparation for recommissioning.