7 June 2023

Out and about at Karabi CDS with DEX in a Row

Out and about at Karabi CDS with DEX in a Row

Karabi Community Development Services is located in the middle of a Housing NSW estate and supports the local community in Community Strengthening and Safety & Wellbeing Streams.

Lisa began by mapping Karabi’s activities against their DJC contract. Together they reviewed the DEX structure and how to enter clients, cases and sessions, referrals and SCORE.

Interactive discussions on the detail of service delivery and tips on how to easily capture information for DEX were highlights of the session.

Fams DEX support sessions are often a two-way learning experience. Lisa learnt that Karabi is the Dharug word for Cockatoo. Their cockatoo mural welcomes you into their space.

Lisa looks forward to seeing the inspirational team at Karabi at the next session where we will take a deep dive into DEX reports!