25 January 2023

Fams finally receives DEX access!

Fams finally receives DEX access!

Last week Sector Engagement Officer, Lisa Smajlov, was ecstatic to finally successfully access the DEX portal!

Like many of you, we are in the trenches getting our data into DEX before our deadline on the 30  January 23.

Difficulties can arise when there are changes to staff, management or the board who are integral to the smooth entry into the DEX portal.

Our experience of DEX portal felt like running through an obstacle course of:

  1. Setting up MyGovID  and uploading Medicare Care Card No: Passport No: Tax File Number
  2. Identifying who has Authorisation in our organisation to set up new Principal Authority (PA) through Random Access Authority Manager
  3. Calling the DEX hotline to confirm who has authority
  4. Finding the new access form on DCJ portal
  5. Completing new Principal Authority (PA) on DCJ website
  6. Sending a New Access request form to the Chairperson to compete authorisation
  7. Waiting for authorisation to come through with a 24 hour code
  8. Calling the DEX hotline to inquire about what happens when the 24 hour code had expired
  9. Requesting a new authorisation code
  10. Receiving a new authorisation code
  11. Remembering the email for MyGovID
  12. Forgetting the MyGov ID password
  13. Resetting MyGov ID by resubmitting identification to reach the strong stage
  14. Reaching the holy DEX grail of the four digit number to finally see the DEX portal appear!

Did you know we have a Tip Sheet? Access here: Step-by-Step-How-to-do-DEX.