31 March 2022

Fams Digs Deeper into Data with New Amplify Platform

Fams Digs Deeper into Data with New Amplify Platform

The challenge of measuring outcomes is not so much what to measure, but how to measure it. 

DEX has meant for many, particularly in the TEI targeted support program activity, that pre/post (now referred to as initial and subsequent measures) are reported for individual children, young people, families and other community members.

The Centre for Social Impact (UNSW) has developed a platform that can support services in a very specific and relevant way.

We at Fams are still exploring the capacity of a new platform called Amplify Social Impact.

We are looking at ways the sector can engage and benefit from this valuable resource that has been years in the making, and which Fams consulted on in its early stages of development.

The tool provides impact measures related to specific outcomes. You can search a particular outcome and yield a number of different tools to measure those outcomes, including survey questions.

The first part of the Amplify online platform is called Indicator Engine. It includes access to evidence-based surveys based on hundreds of available evidence-backed tools.

Indicator Engine can also collate and categorise client responses to help organisations measure their impact across an activity or target issue.

The platform can also measure other social outcomes, including financial stress, standard of living, mental health, or disaster preparedness among staff, clients and stakeholders.

Why not find out more about Amplify Social Impact Online?

Fams will continue to explore access and uses of the tool. You will hear more from us about how you can apply this tool to your work in coming months.

Watch this space!