20 March 2024

Creativity Lab Wrap Up

Creativity Lab Wrap Up

Last week, Fams hosted our Creativity Lab, bringing together 40 leaders across the sector for an immersive day of innovative thinking, identifying fresh ideas, creative brainstorming, and fun!

The Superorganism Collective set the tone for the event. The group of artists, scientists, anthropologists and change makers, who take inspiration from bees as superorganisms, inspired us to think in innovative ways to address complex systems challenges.

NatureFix, a team of landscape architects, anthropologists, psychologists, creative designers and First Nation custodians shared with us evidence on the benefits of nature-based interventions. These inventions can be easily integrated into service delivery for clients and practitioners. They took us through a sensory delight, highlighting the strong connection between nature and healing.

Together, we drew inspiration from diverse fields like mental health, arts, community development, and nature, to ensure future service design stands out with fresh ideas.

The day was tied together by brainstorming with Chris Gambian, CEO of Australians for Mental Health on how we can apply this new knowledge to service provision, recognising challenges and barriers.

Feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive. Some comments included “The Fams Creativity Lab was an invaluable experience that enriched my understanding of innovative approaches to service provision. I am excited to apply the knowledge gained to enhance our offerings and better meet the evolving needs of our community”.

Naturefix has kindly offered their new 10-day green prescription program, involving 8 minutes a day of connection activities for 10 days in any natural areas including backyards, at half price for only $12.50. Click the link here and put in the discount code #thankyouFAMs

We’re so grateful to each and every participant, for coming into the day with an open mind and trying something different with us.

We’ve created a short video of the day, click the link here if you’d like to watch!