11 May 2023

Fams Conference 2023

Fams Conference 2023

Fams Conference

Our exciting one-day conference was held on Thursday Aug 17, 2023.

Our expert speakers challenged and inspired our delegates to think differently. We explored ways to reimagine our sector, amplify client voices in evaluation, widen the lens of child protection and futureproof the early intervention and prevention NGO sector.

Fams reinvested all registration fees to support our rural, remote and regional colleagues to attend by offering a scholarship. NFP organisations from eligible locations were able to apply for up to $500 towards travel and accommodation.

If you missed out, you can watch the recorded plenaries here.

Evaluation Feedback

“Never have I been to a conference so well put together, thought out and with intention. From the speakers to the workshops to the volunteers being attentive to everything. The Mc, Karen, was a great public speaker. She didn’t just talk, she communicated, and she inspired. Sarah Rowan’s session was a life changing experience. She made us laugh, cry, feel and most of all, act. Everyone from Fams put their heart and soul to this event and it really showed. I left the conference feeling like I can take on the social injustices. Like I have become wiser and more compassionate. I can’t thank the Fams enough!”

“It was a wonderful day, extremely practical, thought provoking and helpful.”

“Amazing speakers, very well organized and overall, a really inspiring and worthwhile conference.”