19 April 2023

Early Years Strategy Draft Submission

Early Years Strategy Draft Submission

Thank you so much to all who provided their input at our recent Early Years Strategy Forum.

Fams is pleased to share our first draft with you for review!

We would love your eyes over this and are keen for feedback particularly on-

  • Is there anything that is glaringly missing?
  • Have any aspects been misrepresented or are inaccurate?
  • Do you have any case studies or practice examples that could bring to life parts of our submission?

As you can appreciate with the Easter and long weekends we are on a very tight timeframe. We would ask you provide any feedback to [email protected] by C.O.B. Monday 24th April. We will then put together for final submission!

Fams is very excited about our submission and the impact it may have for children, families and communities we support.