22 February 2023

Inner Sydney Voice & Fams DEX Capacity Building Workshop Series

Inner Sydney Voice & Fams DEX Capacity Building Workshop Series

Last week Jacquie Cheetham, Sector Support and Development (TEI) from Inner Sydney Voice, and Sector Engagement Officer, Lisa Smajlov, teamed up to deliver our first of a series of DEX Capacity Workshops.

It was the first time this year we had come together for a face to face session. Lisa took participants on a tour of how DEX reports help front line workers, management, committees, and boards, the difference between Standard & Partnership reports, navigating reports, using filters and other resources to help Decode DEX.

After a break we entered into a DEX portal practice session, discovering and evaluating individual agency DEX reports. Highlights were the conversations and connections made at the workshop.

It was great to see the data light bulbs of knowledge starting to turn on, as we demonstrated the stories that data can tell!

The series has two more workshops on offer.

Register here:  Fams & ISV DEX Workshops | NSW Family Services Inc (supporterhub.net)

Session 2:           16th March:        Decoding and using SCORE
Session 3:           20 April:              Storytelling with your data

 Places are limited by space – so please register asap to secure your spot in this tailored training.