18 January 2023

On the Road again to RivMed

On the Road again to RivMed

Last week Sector Engagement Manager, Kim Stace and Sector Engagement Officer, Lisa Smajlov hit the road to visit RivMed in Wagga Wagga.

We began the session by reviewing their DEX reports and seeing where the information collected was matched against Table 2 of their contact.

Together we mapped the deliverables by outlet location, DCJ stream, program activity and service type. Taking a deep dive into the number of hours each activity took (including travel time), we plotted service delivery in a calendar format – which was very illuminating.

The final step was revisiting their Program Logic to update ABS data and resources from the Evidence Portal.

It was a pleasure to meet Reba and Sally-Jo to truly understand the work that they do in their community.  We also really enjoyed our morning walk along the river, the quirky cafes we found for breakfast and our stop at the famous dog on the tuckerbox.

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