1 September 2022

DCJ announces Mandatory Reporting Guide changes

DCJ announces Mandatory Reporting Guide changes

NSW DCJ is partnering with Evident Change to update the current Mandatory Reporting Guide (MRG).

Fams is a member of the Mandatory Reporting Advisory Group.

The MRG supports mandatory reporters in NSW to:

  • Determine whether a report to the Child Protection Helpline is needed for concerns about possible abuse or neglect of a child or young person; and
  • Identify alternative supports for vulnerable children, young people and their families.

As a first step, Evident Change is hoping to learn more about how reporting decisions are made and how the MRG is functioning in NSW.

As a mandatory reporter who has knowledge about responses to possible abuse or neglect of children/young people in your community, your input is highly valuable to this process.

Even if you have not personally used the MRG we would benefit from understanding your perceptions about the reporting process.

To help us learn more, please consider completing the MRG Feedback Survey.

The 15-20 minute survey will be accessible until 16 September.

Please contact Dayana Kupisk if you have any questions ([email protected])