22 May 2024

Insights from the Sector: Shaping the Future of Family Preservation Redesign

Insights from the Sector: Shaping the Future of Family Preservation Redesign

Family Preservation is undergoing a process of redesign to help improve the outcomes, experiences, and access to Family Preservation services. As part of this process, DCJ reached out to ACCOs, Family Preservation service providers, and peak bodies to gather responses to their Redesigning Family Preservation in NSW Discussion Paper

Fams led a series of sector consultations, with more than 80 Family Preservation senior leaders, to inform the Fams submission and a briefing paper for Minister Washington. The commitment, wisdom, insights and knowledge shared by the sector was the strength of this submission. Thank you sincerely to everyone who contributed their time and energy to this important process.

Sector consultations highlighted the enthusiasm to see previous sector recommendations included in the proposed redesign. It was viewed that the redesign has immense potential but emphasised the need for adequate resources and support through streamlined systems and processes. Improving communication and clarifying roles between DCJ and NGO services was identified as a key avenue for maximising the redesigns impact.

Fams looks forward to working with DCJ, the sector and the Minister to ensure Family Preservation becomes a thriving support system that keeps children, young people, and families strong, together, and connected.

You can read the Ministerial Briefing here.

And read the full Fams response here.