17 April 2024

Fams TEI & FCS Recommissioning Conversation Part 2.

Fams TEI & FCS Recommissioning Conversation Part 2.

Last week, we hosted our second TEI and FCS Recommissioning Sector Conversation, with over 230 participants.

For those who couldn’t make it or would like to rewatch either of the sessions, you can find them on our YouTube Channel here.

We have developed a plan to support you over the next 12 months and beyond.

The plan includes:

  • Developing a TEI Network – May 2024
  • Confirmation of key challenges with the sector – April 2024
  • Consultation with the sector on the revised framework and specifications   – April/May 2024
  • Workshop on a new name change for the TEI and FCS program – May 2024
  • Workshop on preparing for District Planning Meetings – May/June 2024
  • Present a briefing paper to Minister Washington on key themes in consultation with the sector – August 2024
  • Fams Roadshow – Recommissioning Support – August/September/October 2024

Fams is representing the sector at the Early Intervention Central Council along with AbSec, LCSA, Youth Action and NCOSS.

Lastly, we are working in partnership with AbSec, LCSA and Youth Action to deliver a workshop on the TEI program name change. If you would like to be apart of this, click here to register.

Fams is here for you.