20 March 2024

TEI & FCS Recommissioning Sector Conversation Recap

TEI & FCS Recommissioning Sector Conversation Recap

On Tuesday, Fams hosted our Sector Conversation with Anthony Shannon from DCJ, to discuss the recommissioning process for TEI and FC&S. With over 300 attendees and more than 30 questions submitted prior to the event, we knew this was a session the sector was keenly awaiting.

The sector conversation gave us the opportunity to gather critical input from the sector about what the priority challenges and support needs are leading into recommissioning are. The word cloud above shows some of the main challenges highlighted by the sector during the session. This was an essential first step in developing Fams’ sector support strategy and highlighted some key themes for us to further investigate. Fams plans to hold further sector sessions to unpack these themes to develop a briefing paper to be presented to Minister Washington.

With more than 50% attendees sighting the session was useful but they have more questions, we will be hosting a follow up session with Anthony, April 9th at 1-2:30pm. This will provide the chance to have the questions identified during this session answered, as well as opportunity to ask more directly. Click here to register.

We thank the sector for their valuable input and look forward to supporting you through recommissioning and beyond.

Click here to view the recording.