28 February 2024

Fams connects with Mid North Coast

Fams connects with Mid North Coast

Last week, Lauren headed north to Kempsey for the TEI Mid North Coast District Forum. This forum was about understanding the challenges faced by various services and how Fams could provide the best support.

One resounding message shared across services was the impacts of insufficient funding investment. Services expressed their difficulties in coping with the increasing needs and levels of risk within the community. Despite these challenges, they acknowledged the powerful advocacy efforts by Fams, which they identified as crucial support.

Amidst the challenges, there were inspiring stories of innovation and creativity. The Biripi Aboriginal Corporation Medical Centre and Hastings Neighbourhood Services provided insights into engaging youth, parents & carers in service design, showcasing the power of community-led initiatives.

Lauren’s visit also included time spent at Kempsey Families, where they shared how the creation of a supported playgroup not only increased family engagement but also paved the way for internal referrals and greater participation of dads.

Fams will continue to visit different districts across NSW to support our advocacy work.