17 January 2024

Call for a National Summit to Prevent Child Maltreatment

Call for a National Summit to Prevent Child Maltreatment

Fams endorses NAPCAN calling on the Commonwealth Government to host a National Summit to Prevent Child Maltreatment. Evidence from the recently released Australian Child Maltreatment Study means we simply cannot turn away from the reality of harm to children in Australia, and our duty to prevent this. 

A Summit will bring people together in a new way to: 

  • Bring decision and policy makers from across governments and portfolios into the same room. 
  • Learn from experts, academics, people working with children and families, and individuals with lived experiences from across the community. 
  • Build a common understanding of what we already know about child abuse and neglect.
  • Talk openly and honestly about what is working and not working (and where the money is going and needs to go).
  • Explore the evidence on the root causes of maltreatment and find smarter solutions to prevent abuse.
  • Establish prevention of abuse as a national and whole-of-community priority.

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