15 August 2023

Conference Session – Signing off with a Spark!

Conference Session – Signing off with a Spark!

It’s Conference Week! Our final session of the day is a trail-blazing performance from Sarah Rowan, Speed Painter & Presenter, designed to challenge our limitations.

Sarah Rowan is an artist and leader who empowers individuals and organisations to ignite a
better future through creativity. As one of Australia’s top Speed Painters, she has lived and breathed the dynamic process of transformation for over 20 years, turning blank walls and canvases into thought-provoking pieces of art, with limited time and often in front of a live audience.

Sarah’s strong emotional storytelling, along with her ability to paint fast and think fast has captivated hundreds of clients. To date, she has painted at over 475 events raising over $240,000 for charity.

We can’t wait to see Sarah’s amazing performance!