5 July 2023

Fams welcomes new student!

Fams welcomes new student!

Sam Graham is a fourth-year social work student who is joining the Fams team over the next several months to complete her final placement subject.

Sam completed her first placement last year working at a family centre for disabilities. During this time, she worked at an individual level with children who have disabilities (specifically Autism) and their families through inclusive after-school programs.

Sam says “I’m very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to work with the Fams team. I have an interest in the policy and advocacy space, and I am here to learn and soak up all the knowledge I can.”

“The team has already been so warm and welcoming during my short time at Fams. I can’t wait to continue working closely with the team and gain further insight into making social change at the macro level,” she says.

Sam aspires to work within the policy and advocacy space during her social work career and has plans to complete further studies that are focused on expanding her knowledge in these areas.