15 March 2023

Welcome to our new Sector Engagement Manager!

Welcome to our new Sector Engagement Manager!

The Fams team is very excited to welcome on board our lovely new Sector Engagement Manager, Lauren Stracey.

Working in the community space for over 20 years, Lauren is a wholehearted and creative psychologist who has dedicated her career to working with communities who have experienced systemic disadvantage.  

Her strong ethic of social justice has led her to hold a range of values driven roles from working as a specialist sexual assault counsellor, through to managing a national team of rural counsellors in disaster recovery.

Lauren holds a deep practice understanding of working with children, young people and families and is creative and innovative in seeking to respond to challenges faced across the sector.

Fams is ecstatic to have Lauren on the team, and I’m sure you’re as excited as we are to work alongside her!