1 September 2022

Child Protection Week starts this Sunday

Child Protection Week starts this Sunday

Children Protection week is on 4-10 September 2022.

Fams acknowledges all our colleagues in the sector who work with children and their families facing complex challenges.

Thank you for the support you give every day to so that children can thrive, families are stronger, and communities are supported.

As your Family Services Peak Body, we are here to support you too.

This year, the goal is to shine a light.

If you are holding Child Protection Week activities or would like to share highlights, you can let us know by tagging @fams #safechildren #strongerfamilies #supportivecommunities. You can also send us the information to share in our Weekly Wrap Community News Section next week.

We also invite you to also Get Involved with NAPCAN, who are hosting webinars and have resources to share for Child Protection Week.