29 September 2022

Barnardos Domestic & Family Report Release

Barnardos Domestic & Family Report Release

Barnardo’s releases report on impact of Domestic & Family Violence

Lisa Smajlov, our Sector Engagement Officer represented Fams at the launch of Barnardo’s research report at Parliament House. The research directly links the exposure to violence in childhood and its influence into adulthood, as told by adult survivors.

Report co-author Robert Urquhart, asked attendees to imagine “you are 10 years old, and living in a household where the chaos of violence was impacting your life. Who would you tell, who would believe and help you”. Then the audience was asked to imagine “what impact the violence would have on you as an adult if you had been able to receive timely and appropriate help and support.”

The event closed with a powerful address by lived experience advocate Tegan – sharing her story and the story of her children. The decision to leave and enter the service system where she was helped but found there was little help for her children. Tegan was often told children were naturally “resilient” with 12 month waiting periods to deal with the trauma impacts from overwhelmed services.  Barnardos DFV Research Report -Truth is, the abuse never stopped is a must read.