4 August 2022

What you told us in the 2022 Fams Annual Survey

What you told us in the 2022 Fams Annual Survey

You spoke, and we listened. The results of the Fams Annual Survey are here.

This week we release the findings of the 2022 Fams Annual Survey. Thank you to all those who took part. Your feedback helps improve our services, and we’re excited to share the outcome with you.

Our 2022 Annual Survey revealed the thoughts of 230 respondents from across NSW.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

“Fams was a lifeline for services during the pandemic, providing great resources to get us through this time. Fams gave excellent support in the TEI transition, helping us skill up around Program Logic and measure outcomes. Fams is excellent in staying on top of current issues and communicating with the sector.”

“Through each lockdown, Fams was one of the beaconlights that helped the community non-profit sector stay connected and confident, knowing we are not alone.”

“I’ve found Fams’ online programs immensely helpful both in their content and the real support they offered during periods of lockdown. The strong network provided and accessibility of Fams staff during this time were a godsend. You kept me on the right side of sanity.”

We really appreciate the time you took to offer such valuable feedback. It is a privilege to continue supporting and advocating for our sector.

Below is a downloadable infographic of the survey results.

Download the 2022 Fams Annual Survey