18 August 2022

DCJ funds Fams to give extra DEX support

DCJ funds Fams to give extra DEX support

We are excited to announce Fams has been provided with additional funding from DCJ to support the TEI Sector in reporting in the Data Exchange (DEX).

Over the next 12 months, we will be working with organisations to improve data quality and measure and analyse client outcomes through SCORE. We will also be assisting the Sector to utilise the DCJ Evidence Portal in the review of existing and development of new programs. These are some of the ways Fams could work with you and your organisation:

  • Aligning contract deliverables with reporting in DEX
  • Improving your DEX data quality
  • Developing measurement tools and resources for programs and SCORE
  • Navigating the DCJ Evidence Portal
  • Updating or developing your Program Logics
  • Utilising evidence and core components in program development and implementation
  • Analysing, reporting and presenting individual organisations’ data

If you are interested in working with us, chat to your District Office (CPO) or contact Fams on [email protected].