16 June 2022

AIFS 2022 Conference Explores Post Pandemic Family Challenges

AIFS 2022 Conference Explores Post Pandemic Family Challenges

Fams CEO Susan Watson (above right, with Fams Chairperson Ashleigh Daines) was pleased to attend the AIFS 2022 Conference in Melbourne this week.

“It was a privilege to be part of a conference which digs deep into the challenges families face now and into the future,” she said.

This year’s AIFS Conference was designed to explore how policies and service systems can better support families in a post-pandemic world.

It was a time for showcasing and sharing research and charting a course for family wellbeing across Australia.

The AIFS does research for the Federal Government on family forms and roles to inform their policy making and service system design.

AIFS Director Hon. Dr Sharman Stone said families had done much of the ‘invisible heavy lifting’ throughout the pandemic, and this has had a big impact.

“There has never been a more fitting time to recast our assumptions about what is important and explore our conference theme: ‘putting families at the centre,’” she said.

Conference speakers included:

• Lisa O’Neill, Senior Judicial Registrar, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia
• Craig Ritchie, CEO, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
• Derek McCormack, Director, Raising Children Network
• Julie Inman Grant, Australian eSafety Commissioner, and
• Anne Hollonds, National Children’s Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission… and many more.

To find out about the AIFS, visit aifs.gov.au