30 June 2022

ACYP Launches Life Skills Videos for Children & Young People

ACYP Launches Life Skills Videos for Children & Young People

The Office of the NSW Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) has launched a series of videos teaching young people life skills to prepare them for adulthood. 

“Young people often tell us that, in addition to the education and supports they already receive, they want more access to practical, real life advice – including wanting to learn how to manage one’s health, finances, employment and households,” said Zoë Robinson, Advocate for Children and Young People.

“In response to this feedback, ACYP has developed ‘Life Skills’ – a suite of videos with practical advice.”

Children and young people have been actively involved throughout the project, with the first suite of videos focused on the most frequently raised questions.

In ACYP’s consultation with children and young people, they regularly reported that visual content such as videos were the most useful method of receiving practical life skill information.

In addition to the video resources, there are also resources and additional information to provide children and young people with further guidance on each topic.

The videos are designed to help young people make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically, communicate effectively and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner.

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