28 April 2022

Three Flood Recovery Funding Streams Announced

Three Flood Recovery Funding Streams Announced

There are three new funding streams for non-profits and community members recovering from the floods. 

1. NSW Rural Assistance Loans

Many community groups and not-for-profits have been affected by severe weather and flooding in NSW.

They can now apply for financial support and assistance from the NSW Rural Assistance Authority.

Not-for-profits may be eligible for concessional loans up to $25,000.

Low interest rate loans are available for the restoration of essential facilities that have been damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster. The loan may also be directed towards temporary storage or leasing of alternate premises.

Find more information here or call 1800 678 593 to enquire.

2. Payments for Homeowners, Tenants and Landlords

The Back Home grant is available for eligible flood-affected homeowners, renters and landlords.

These payments help replace appliances, reconnect utilities and carry out structural repairs to make their homes safe and habitable again.

The grants provide one-off payments of $20,000 for owner-occupiers, $15,000 for landlords, and $5000 for renters in highly impacted local government areas.

For more information on eligibility and to apply, visit Service NSW or call 13 77 88.

Note: There is also a toolkit for you to help you share flood support information with clients and service users:

[button link=”https://fams.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Flood_recovery_and_support_stakeholder_toolkit_20220423.pptx” type=”big” color=”lightblue” newwindow=”yes”] Download the Communications Toolkit[/button]

3. $10.3m for Mental Health Support: Children and Young People

The Office of Regional Youth has announced $10.3m in funding for the Children and Young People Wellbeing Recovery Initiative.

This funding supports recovery from the impacts of bushfires, floods and COVID-19.

The goal is to improve access to programs and resources to help children and young people recover, build resilience, strengthen community networks and improve mental health and wellbeing.

The funding can be used to deliver a range of activities to promote social inclusion for regional children and youth aged 0-24 years including community events, peer support programs, mental health training and more.

Small grants (under $10,000) and large grants (between $10,000-$50,000) are available for eligible applicants.

This initiative has been funded through the NSW COVID-19 Economic Recovery Initiative and the NSW and Commonwealth governments flood and storm Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Small grants will remain open until 31 March 2023 or until funds are fully expended, and large grants until 31 December 2022 or until funds are fully expended.

[button link=”https://www.nsw.gov.au/regional-nsw/regional-youth/children-and-young-people-wellbeing-recovery-initiative” type=”big” color=”lightblue” newwindow=”yes”] Learn More[/button]