5 March 2022

NCC asks Young People to Share their COVID-19 Stories

NCC asks Young People to Share their COVID-19 Stories

The National Children’s Commissioner (NCC) has launched a national survey inviting children and young people to share their stories of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them.

The survey is open to children and young people aged nine to 17. There is a separate survey for parents, carers and grandparents.

Both surveys are confidential, and children’s privacy will be strictly protected. They can both be found at this link.

The surveys are funded by the National Mental Health Commission. They will help determine the types of support children need as the pandemic continues, and as we emerge from it. The results will be published mid-2022 and will help the NCC to advocate for better support for children and their families.

Seventeen-year-old Jayden Delbridge, a member of the NSW Youth Advisory Council, said he found it difficult to find appropriate support when home-based learning began, and many of his friends dropped out of school.

“Home-based learning for me was absolutely horrible. I lost interest in some of my favourite subjects because I just couldn’t do them online,” Jayden said.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian children were experiencing a mental health crisis, and indications are that missed school, social isolation, increased anxiety and other impacts of the pandemic have exacerbated this crisis.

The surveys will be open till 20 March.

More information can be found here.