2 December 2021

YWCA Australia Calls for Action on Gender-Based Violence

YWCA Australia Calls for Action on Gender-Based Violence

Young people are urgently asking current and prospective members of parliament to invest in prevention, early intervention and recovery from gender-based violence.

intersectional feminist organisation YWCA Australia has published an open letter to mark 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence and the International Day of Human Rights. The letter calls for action relating to women’s safety and the current housing crisis.

Research by the Australian Institute of Criminology shows that throughout the pandemic there was an alarming increase in family violence, including in homes where it had never occurred before, with almost one in 10 women in a relationship saying they have experienced domestic violence during COVID-19. Data also shows Google searches related to family violence increased by 75 per cent during this time.

The YWCA is calling for politicians who will:

  1. Prevent violence from happening in the first place, with policy platforms that include Investing in evidence-based respectful relationships education and expert-led training on consent for educators; primary prevention efforts that are co-designed with young people; and holding colleagues accountable.
  2. Give hope of a real housing future for young people. Home ownership rates for people aged under 40 are declining, which is part of a trend of intergenerational inequality. The YWCA is calling for investment in 16,800 safe and secure houses for those escaping violent relationships, and increasing investment in the Safe at Home programs.

You can read the complete letter here, and add your signature to the petition.