18 November 2021

Wrap Up: In Conversation with AbSec about the Aboriginal Case Management Policy

Wrap Up: In Conversation with AbSec about the Aboriginal Case Management Policy

Fams’ In Conversation With… on Tuesday explored the groundbreaking Aboriginal Case Management Policy (ACMP) with Bill Pritchard and Julie Welsh from AbSec.

AbSec Consultant Bill Pritchard and Senior Project Officer Julie Welsh introduced guests to the ACMP, and Anthony Shannon spoke in reference to the Targeted Early Intervention (TEI) Fact Sheet.

The ACMP, designed for caseworkers and practitioners, was developed through an engagement process involving Aboriginal communities, AbSec, and DCJ.

The ACMP is designed to achieve safety and wellbeing for vulnerable Aboriginal children and young people by keeping them with or returning them to family, and connected to their community and culture.

The ACMP and Rules and Practice guidance provides case management that is tailored to the needs of Aboriginal children and families and commences early in the continuum of support. It aims to empower and support families and communities to reduce the incidence of harm, addressing identified risks and thereby supporting Aboriginal children and young people to thrive.

To learn more about the ACMP, watch the video found on this page, or listen to our recording of the In Conversation With… session with AbSec here:

There are a number of e-learning resources available, as well as factsheets created for the wider sector:

Find all the factsheets here.

AbSec encourages everyone in the sector to do the training found here, as the e-learning modules are an excellent resource for understanding the ACMP.

AbSec Consultant Bill Pritchard can also be contacted via email at [email protected].