18 November 2021

Support to Re-engage and Re-boot your Volunteer Programs

Support to Re-engage and Re-boot your Volunteer Programs

The Centre for Volunteering is helping organisations to successfully re-boot their volunteering programs after the 2021 lockdown.

Re-engaging & Re-booting Volunteering is a seminar series designed to help volunteer-involving organisations navigate the transition period with practical resources and tools.

The topic of Managing Challenging Conversations will be addressed in a webinar on Tuesday 23 November between 10am to 12 noon.

The frequent changes in regulations and the new access and working restrictions, particularly around mandated vaccinations and conditions of entry, has led to some difficult conversations as organisations re-engage volunteers and staff.

This online webinar has been developed to support volunteers engaging with the public safely, calmly and confidently. It is also for those working in a coordination role where circumstances have meant a required change could lead to conflict.

The session will provide practical advice and a simple model to handle difficult situations that may arise.

Webinar facilitator Carrie Wallis, from Enlighten U Solutions, is a best-selling author, coach, counsellor and educator.