25 November 2021

Our Final Practice Conversation on 2 December

Our Final Practice Conversation on 2 December

Thank you to everyone who has been a regular at the Thursday Practice Conversations via Zoom.

We held these Conversations weekly during the first lockdown of 2020 and fortnightly since then.

We have enjoyed your frank and fearless conversations about the challenges and successes of the valuable work you do in your communities.

Thank you for sharing during these sessions.

Thursday, 2 December (at 3pm) is the last Conversation until we decide how we will engage with you all in the New Year and beyond.

You can find the link on our Events page.

We are certainly hoping that we too can get back to more face-to-face work with you through our district-focused workshops and sessions, and road trips to the regions.

If you have an ongoing calendar invite, don’t forget to delete it.