21 October 2021

Which PPE do you need on the job?

Which PPE do you need on the job?

The Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) has designed a guide for workers on the right PPE to wear on client visits where there is an active COVID case.

With an increase in the number of positive cases being reported, the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) matrix helps workers manage delivery of services in these uncertain times.

The matrix has been developed in collaboration with NSW Health and the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC).

There is also a video by the Clinical Excellence Commission which demonstrates how to put on (don) and take off (doff) PPE.

You may wish to review your COVID Safety Plans for staff who have face-to-face contact with clients and families.

There is also a Safety Alert distributed to DCJ staff on using cloth face masks while at work. This alert shows whether the cloth mask does not meet a recognised standard.

Note: You should be able obtain PPE from regular suppliers. If this becomes a problem, the NSW Government has a list of suppliers of PPE for industry and the community during the pandemic.