23 September 2021

In Conversation During Lockdown: Follow-up

In Conversation During Lockdown: Follow-up

The discussion around vaccination in workplaces and managing risk continued in our recent Lockdown Conversation on Tuesday 21 September.

Employers and employees must include risk assessments around COVID-19 as part of their normal governance and operations risk matrix.

While generic risk assessment tools are available, there is an individual responsibility to identify, classify and work out how to manage risk.

Angus McFarland, ASU NSW & ACT Services Branch, shared resources from Safe Work Australia to identify, assess and control hazards.

The ASU are also leading a campaign for paid isolation leave for community sector workers. You can find more information and support the campaign by signing their petition.

Savi Manii, from Justice Connect Not-for-profit Law, provided an update on their free legal advice service on COVID-19 vaccines in the workplace.

Thank you to all who took part.