2 September 2021

Fams Vaccination Survey draws attention to key issues

Fams Vaccination Survey draws attention to key issues

A total of 438 people from the sector participated in our recent survey on COVID-19 vaccinations.

We’d like to thank all our respondents for giving us the tools we need to be your voice at this time.

The survey demonstrated that the majority of the sector is willing to take up priority government vaccinations.

Only a handful of respondents had access to Rapid Antigen Testing, and thankfully the government has withdrawn this requirement.

At short notice, we secured Jobs Australia and the Australian Services Union (ASU) to join us at our In Conversation During Lockdown Zoom meeting on Tuesday 31st August. We were able to discuss the practical implications of Public Health Order requirements for vaccination and permits.

More information on Public Health Order compliance can be found here and information on Emergency Food Relief can be found here.