12 August 2021

Resources to help you make sense of your DEX data

Resources to help you make sense of your DEX data

Now that your EOFY reporting on DEX (the Data Exchange) is complete, it’s a good time to consider how all that data can support your organisation and your work. 

Fams is supporting a number of organisations to interpret what the DEX reports are telling them.

We help workers tell the story of their work, and we assist organisations to see ‘what works’ across their program activities and service types.

The DEX reports can also support stories in your annual reporting back to your communities.  You are able to save your DEX data in Excel format for further analysis and continuous improvement processes, or in PDFs as images for your Annual Report document. 

Please contact Fams at [email protected] if we can help you or your team/s to do this work. 

Don’t forget about the valuable resources on the DCJ Targeted Earlier Intervention Program, Key TEI resources page, in particular the Using data to improve our services document.

If you are a Manager or Team Leader, and wanting to check off your deliverables against the Schedule in your Contract, the Using data in the TEI Program provides a checklist (page 9) and detailed instructions on how to do this. 

Fams is very eager to support the sector in using evidence and data to both inform the work we do and show the impact of early intervention. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you think we can help you to do this.