26 August 2021

ARACY Release “What’s in the Nest?”

ARACY Release “What’s in the Nest?”

ARACY have released the new ‘What’s in the Nest’ resource. The Nest is a versatile, evidence-based and prevention-focused wellbeing framework for children and young people developed by ARACY in 2012 in partnership with 150 organisations and close to 4000 children, young people and experts.

The Nest came to life during a national summit where a young participant described all the areas of wellbeing as forming a nest, where, “if every area is supported, we’re able to be happy and healthy and fly from the nest”.

It’s a way of thinking about the whole child in the context of their daily lives, bringing together the different elements a child or young person needs to thrive. The Nest conceptualises wellbeing as six interconnected domains that help children and young people reach their potential.

Since its creation, the Nest has been used and adopted by State government, local initiatives and national organisations. It’s continually updated based on both feedback from users and ongoing research.

‘What’s in the Nest?’ provides a succinct overview of the framework including a new ecological wellbeing wheel. Please visit https://www.aracy.org.au/the-nest-in-action/the-nest-overview to read the resource. Please feel free to share through your networks.

If you would like to discuss how you, your team, organisation or department could be using the Nest please email [email protected].