10 June 2021

Keep the TEI conversation flowing with Fams

Keep the TEI conversation flowing with Fams

Every second Thursday afternoon, Fams facilitates an online sector ‘TEI Implementation Conversation’ from 3pm to 4pm with our Sector Engagement Manager Kim Stace.

The original purpose of the Zoom conversation was to connect people during COVID-19 when workers were feeling isolated. It was helpful for them to bounce ideas off each other while they were practicing in unprecedented times.

At the request of many, we have continued the ‘conversation’ fortnightly for anyone (from CEO to program facilitator) to join us.

The forum allows us to discuss issues that may be common, or those that are challenging for individuals.

It is a safe, collaborative space to share ideas, concerns, what has worked or not, and keep in touch with activities across the sector.

Please join us every fortnight from 17 June at 3pm.

We look forward to seeing you online to join the conversation with Fams.