22 April 2021

About us: Who is Fams?

About us: Who is Fams?

Want to know more about us? Here, we answer the most commonly asked questions about Fams.

 1. Who is Fams?

Fams is the peak NSW body which supports non-government and not-for-profit community organisations. If you are working with vulnerable children, young people, families or the general community, we are here to advocate for you as you apply for government funding.

Our vision is: Safe Children, Strong Families, Supportive Communities.

We provide support to our members to contribute to population outcomes through:

  • Building skills and knowledge in outcomes-based frameworks to enable organisations to collect and use data to inform practice and collaborate to provide better results for clients, practitioners and organisations; and
  • Systematic policy and advocacy to inform and enable the government to implement solutions that support vulnerable children, families and communities.


 Why choose Fams?

 Fams is considered the expert in outcomes measurement.

 Choosing Fams to guide you through outcomes measurement means we will work beside you to navigate all the challenges and successes that are part and parcel of a successful change framework.

 Fams has operated the RLG Australia initiative since 2008. During this time, we have been delivering training and consulting services aimed at assisting Federal, State and Local Government, not-for-profit organisations and communities to achieve measurable improvements for the people they work with.


 Affiliated with Clear Impact in the US, Fams is the lead international partner supporting the implementation of the Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) framework and customised performance management software (Clear Impact Scorecard).

 A strong network of international partners means we have the resources to provide you with a premium service.

 What do we do?

 Fams has extensive experience in the use of RBA and the five conditions of collective impact across diverse, cross-agency and stakeholder groups.

 Our consultants are experts in the development of robust theory of change frameworks that clearly articulate the expected results, indicators to measure these results, and performance measures that align to population indicators so as to demonstrate performance against the results (goals).

 Fams consultants have exceptional skills in facilitation, capacity building, leadership development and implementation and practice of the Results Based Accountability™ framework within complex organisations and community settings.What does it look like? • Introduction to outcomes measurement (delivered in oneday or webinar series format)An overview of the RBA Framework -learn to develop performance measures and understand how the work you do aligns with outcomes at a community level. Gain the knowledge of tools that will assist your organisation to analyse and improve performance. • Outcomes measurement with RBA (two days) In depth application of RBA–become equipped to facilitate “turn to curve activities” at a community and organisation level. Gain greater confidence in the use of RBA tools and outcomes measurement • Strategic planning Develop an outcomes focused strategic plan for your organisation or network • Collective impact Using RBA as the theory of change tool develop shared measurements across mutually reinforcing activities to align work with community outcomes • Consultancy/coachingOutcomes to be determined individually with the customer • Leading for results program(available in late2016) Develop leadership skills in outcomes measurement to lead within a community or organisation to drive improved outcomes for clients Who areour clients?•Community and non-government organisations and groups•Federal Government•State Governments•Local Governments•Health and community services What do our clients say? Parramatta Holroyd Family Services:RBA is all about providing opportunities. The opportunity to challenge ourselves, to embrace change and to test all our existing preconceptions against what the evidence is telling us. The key is the need to remain client-centred, and work with families without controlling them, encourage us to see families as individuals and document the experiences that sit behind the data. Paul Mallett, State Manager of Anglicare Tasmania had these encouraging words to share regarding Fams’ recent training with Anglicare Tasmania and partners: “Participants of the two-day training left feeling excited about the possibilities that RBA presents in accurately measuring the outcomes for children and families of activities across the community. It really highlighted for us that ‘near enough really isn’t good enough’ and we need and can do better in this space. Exciting times ahead. It was a pleasure working with Kate. [Fams consultant,Kate Tye].” To discover how Fams can work with your organisation, visit www.fams.asn.au