12 June 2020

Data Collection Documents

Data Collection Documents

It is no secret, that access to timely, reliable data has long been a challenge for TEI funded organisations. NGOs have collected and reported what was asked of them by DCJ, assuming it was being used to inform decision making. Fams has always argued that NGOs are best placed to identify and measure what success looks like for their service, workers, children, young people, families and communities.

The purpose of this initiative was to give NGOs some guidance to capture the data necessary to tell their local story of COVID-19. What changed, what worked, what didn’t, what we learned. Some of this will be already be reflected in business as usual processes, and that’s great. Fams is looking to support the TEI sector to capture what’s not and what’s different.

In response to the pandemic, DCJ has relaxed formal reporting requirements, and an extension of the try, test, learn period, for TEI Program organisations. Fams sees this an opportunity for NGOs to:

  • take the lead in the data collection and reporting;
  • genuinely reflect current local priorities off the back of current crises (drought, bushfires, COVID-19); and
  • inform local decision making about service delivery requirements.

Fams thanks everyone who has given their time to help us with this work.

 Demographic Data (optional) during COVID and beyond final

Stat Sheet Demographic Questions during COVID-19 final