1 June 2016

Special Member Offer

Special Member Offer

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Special Member Offer

1st Jun 16

MSO is an online service that provides comprehensive, practical resources on all aspects of running an organisation including governance, management, operations and administration.

With a one year subscription, staff, board members and volunteers receive access to:

  • Over 400 resources on 40 topics relevant to running an organisation
  • Policy and procedure templates which provide a head-start on putting policy into practice
  • Diagnostic assessments that help identify areas of strength and risk within an organisation
  • Good Practice Guides to improve operational and service delivery practice.
  • Access to a confidential advice service to problem-solve issues.

If you are an existing subscriber, renew prior to 1 July and the one year discounted period will be added to the end of your existing subscription.

Offer ends 1 July 2016