6 September 2023

Want to learn more about practice governance?

Want to learn more about practice governance?

Our Sector Engagement Manager, Lauren, will join ACWA CEO Maree Walk, and Parenting Research Centre (PRC) CEO Warren Cann, to discuss the potential of practice and care governance to improve outcomes.

This free webinar, hosted by PRC’s Annette Michaux, is on Wed 13th September at 11am.

You will also hear insights from AbSec Director, Sector Operations Alira Tufui, and from LWB Deputy Chair Gillian Calvert AO and CEO Claire Robbs about their journey implementing a Practice Governance Framework.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how a well-structured Practice Governance Framework can provide clarity and data about practice and care governance as well as an effective structure to track and improve quality in practice!

Click the link here to register.