26 September 2023

Fams Genuine Partnership Statement

Fams Genuine Partnership Statement

What makes a genuine partnership?

Last week the Fams team spent time considering SNAICCS Genuine Partnership audit tool and began the process of reflection and discussion as to what a genuine partnership means to us. The audit tool aims to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous organisations who are engaging with or wanting to build partnerships for child and family service delivery.

The result of this process was the development of the Fams Genuine Partnership Vision Statement.

Taking time to reflect on how we want to develop authentic relationships for common goals is incredibly valuable. Being intentional and considering what we want to prioritise will lead to stronger partnerships and stronger collaboration for positive change.

Watch this space to read our final statement. Click here to explore the SNAICC resources and develop your own statement!

Thanks to Anny Druett who got us started on this journey by sharing SNAICC’s resource with us.