Results Based Accountability

Results Based Accountability™ or RBA is a quality improvement, outcomes focused evaluation framework that enables organisations to measure outcomes at both an organisational level and at community/population level.

RBA™ enables organisations and communities to:

  • clearly identify what they are responsible/accountable for within the programs and services that they deliver;
  • differentiate what they are responsible for and what the organisation or service contributes to at a larger population level;
  • identify outcomes at both the population and organisational level;
  • promotes quality improvement practices through a strong data analysis process; and
  • provides a strong framework that encourages collaboration and partnership in communities to achieve population/community outcomes.

RBA is designed to be used by organisations and communities through the use of:

  • Simple, jargon-free language
  • The process starts with you clearly articulating what the end outcome is that you want to achieve either at a population (community) level or at an organisation or program level
  • The two levels of accountability assist you to be clear about what you contribute to at a broad population (community) level and what your organisation is responsible for delivering
  • The three questions for performance management get you from quantity measures (outputs) to measuring quality, and most importantly the outcomes that you are achieving:

‘How much did we do?’;

‘How well did we do it?’; and the most important question

‘Is anyone better off?’;

  • The seven question process at both a population (community) and performance (organisation) level, promotes analysis of data and a clear disciplined evaluation and quality improvement process that you can do with your partners, in your team meetings and at a strategic level. This process allows you to get from ‘talk to action’ quickly