Clear Impact Scorecard

Clear Impact Scorecard is our easy-to-use, web-based software that helps program managers, grant managers and performance directors collaborate with stakeholders and community partners to simplify data collections, standardise reporting, measure progress and improve performance at scale and move beyond quantities of people served to demonstrating that communities are actually better off.

It enables clear and precise reporting on organizational performance, combines tools designed for strategic planning, business intelligence, project management, and collaboration into a cohesive and easy to use platform. The Scorecard gives you a clear picture of where you are today and easily link that to where you want to go

In summary, Clear Impact Scorecard allows you to easily track and communicate your impact.

• Simplify Data Collection

• Simplify Communication About Your Work

• Showcase Your Impact

• Improve Strategic Planning

• Standardize Reporting

• Measure Progress Towards End Goals

• Measure and Improve Your Performance

• Create Sustainability by Fighting the Effects of Turnover

• Enable Collaboration

• Publish Your Data to the Public in a Format they can Understand

• Synchronize Quantitative Data with Qualitative Data and Context

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